Evidence-Based Wealth Management

Evidence-Based Investing (EBI)

There is substantial evidence about how difficult it is to pick individual stocks, trade in and out of them, and still fare well or exceed overall market performance. Evidence-Based Investing (EBI) involves the judicious use of current best evidence and applies the available evidence to each investor’s specific needs and challenges to formulate optimal investing solutions. The goal of EBI is to maximize after-tax returns for the individual investor while minimizing risk and protecting portfolios from market downturns. Our investment management services are designed to engineer broad, globally diversified portfolios that minimize risk and maximize after-tax return.

The implications of Evidence-Based Investing or EBI are simply enormous. The first purpose of EBI is to provide a clarifying template that, laid across the spectrum of topics confronting today’s investor, provides a fixed set of empirical and logical principles that make it possible to better judge the wisdom of investment advice.

The second purpose of EBI is to enhance the investor/adviser relationship by revisiting the individual’s goals and personal situation, thus increasing the likelihood of optimal gains in the future. To this end, EBI offers a way to answer investment questions in a systematic, analytical, and scientific manner.

EBI uses the following steps:

  • Eliminate Meaningless Questions

  • Ask Meaningful Questions

  • Apply the Evidence

  • Monitor for Effectiveness